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Translations from Spanish into Lithuanian and from Lithuanian into Spanish; also, from Catalan or Valencian into Lithuanian.
If required, I obtain a notarial certification of the authenticity of my signature at the Consulate of the Republic of Lithuania in Valencia.
Consecutive (conferences, interviews, bilateral meetings, negotiations, trials, medical consultations), liaison, whispering, telephonic and other interpreting services.
Rates depend on the type of interpreting service and are applied per minute, hour, or a working day.
Review and proofreading
Review of translations from Spanish into Lithuanian or from Lithuanian into Spanish (also from Catalan/Valencian into Lithuanian).
As a native professional, I can guarantee the highest quality of revision and proofreading.
Linguistic mediation
Services of intercultural linguistic mediation to NGOs, social services and public organizations for the integration of migrants, and for the entrepreneurs who want to enter the Lithuanian market.
I transcribe audio and video files of speeches, presentations, interviews, and manuscripts into Lithuanian.
Localization of websites
I provide localization services for the Lithuanian language and the Lithuanian market by taking full account of the linguistic and cultural aspects.

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